Lisa Schechter, Licensed Buff Bones® Instructor

Lisa received her instructor training in classical Pilates through the Sheppard Method Pilates certification program.  She is also a licensed Buff Bones® instructor and teaches private and group classes for those seeking to increase bone strength and balance.  Her Buff Bones® classes integrates Pilates, functional training, joint mechanics and bone research and is safe for most people with osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Lisa discovered Pilates was a wonderful physical conditioning program for herself when she was a new mom.   She studied ballet as a child and continued taking ballet and modern dance in college at Stanford University.  The Pilates method’s focus on precise and flowing movement and body positioning, also integral to dance, resonates with her.

She appreciates the Pilates method’s emphasis on teaching proper alignment and core strength.  In teaching Pilates, Lisa enjoys helping others explore the joys of movement, develop healthier, stronger bodies and find their own mind-body connections.

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