What they are saying about Goodman Physical Therapy

My gynecologist sent me to Deena after a myriad of doctors for what we thought was IC (interstitial cystitis)  . Even though my children were older, Deena assessed that the cesarean scar was still causing my problems along with low estrogen. Deena is not your regular PT . She is able to work internally on the pelvic floor with manipulation techniques and ultrasound/infrared light treatments and thus helped minimize my scar tissue and bladder pain.  With the help of Deena, acupuncture and herbs I have been symptom free for years now.

I was very skeptical being sent here by my gynecologist, especially since we didn’t really know what the issue was. Deena really tried to hear me out and help me in any way she could. She did warn me that it would take time but I started feeling better after 2 sessions. She gave me lists of things to go home and do after each session. Deena even emailed me to see how my progress was doing and how I was feeling. I think sometimes part of getting better and healing involves finding people who care and actually want to help you.

Deena is amazing! After being misdiagnosed and cast off by a gynecologist after I had recurring UTI symptoms, I went to another gynecologist who recommended that I go to urologist who finally referred me to Deena for what he believed was inflammation that never properly healed after my infection was treated. Needless to say I was skeptical and borderline hopeless that I’d ever feel back to normal again. I’ve been working for Deena for a few months now (less than 10 sessions) and cannot say how grateful I am to have found her! She has helped me minimize my inflammation and gain flexibility back and approached my issues not only from a physical standpoint but also from a dietary and mental/emotional perspective too. She tailors your “homework” to you personally as well as gives you tools to implement in your own time too.  She also worked with my schedule so I wouldn’t have to miss any work!  My condition has improved greatly and now I only see her as needed monthly for management and tune-ups of my treatment plan. She is also incredibly warm and nurturing as well and her office staff is friendly and has been very communicative with scheduling and such. The only downside is my insurance doesn’t cover her practice, and although I’m paying out-of-pocket, I feel that the expense has been worth it due to the quality of my care as opposed to bouncing around from doctor’s office to doctor’s office. I no longer feel hopeless about a condition that has been plaguing me for almost a year now, and that is entirely because of Deena!

I have a new body now that I had part of my inflamed coli. Removed.  Right after surgery my doctor sent me to Goodman Physical  Therapy.  I wasn’t sure what we they would do for me, but my irregular bowel movements were making me inefficient and all my life I never had to worry about needing to find a bathroom when I was t at home.  I had no connection to my new body and was frustrated.  Deena Helped me find my stomach muscles and pelvic floor muscles again- so I could actually live my life and work.  Without her guidance and my surgeons, I’d be stuck taking a horrible medication for the rest of my life and be addicted to laxatives.  Thanks to Deena and her team, I now love my new body and it it working efficiently.

I wanted to thank Deena and Kari for such an amazing experience at Goodman PT. When my daughter started seeing you, it was not a pleasant time for her; the pain and discomfort she was experiencing was overwhelming, and you both made the whole situation so much more manageable. Your constant positive attitude, and affirmation that my daughter had the tools to handle the flare ups with the exercises she learned from you was invaluable. Given the sensitive and intimate nature of this pelvic physical therapy, it could have been awkward and uncomfortable for my teenager. Our last session really felt like we were saying goodbye to friends. You taught my daughter confidence and empowerment with her body. I am so grateful for your physical therapy practice!

Thank you so much!!

THANK YOU soooo very much. You really changed my life and I feel I’m back to life again. I’m over my years long depression and stress and started enjoying life again.

I wanted to thank you for the huge part you played in my life.  We worked together on my pelvic floor muscles and over coming vaginismus.  I am pleased to report that things have changed greatly.

Thank you Deena for your coaching; I finally figured out how to have orgasms, which made every single one of your sessions 150% worth it!  I also met a great guy and went with your advice and I had pain free sex for the first time in my life! Knowing that this is now something I conquered and can do has made all the difference in my attitude in dating and relationships.

I came to you in a very painful time in my life and you were inspirational to me. I think more than anything I greatly valued your help in overcoming the insecurity and anxiety I faced around these issues. I used to feel horrible about myself for being “broken” but you instilled in me so much more self confidence. You taught me to quiet my mind which helped me so much with the anxiety that I was severely struggling with at the time. I still use your breathing techniques to help me stay sane and calm every day. I appreciated the way you helped me learn to calm my mind and body. It has helped me in all situations. I also appreciated your advice of being more positive towards myself, which I really needed to hear at that time.

Even more than sex and orgasms, I value the confidence I have gained from overcoming these issues. I was so depressed about these problems when I came in and honestly terrified, but you made me feel calm and made the whole thing an empowering experience. I feel so much better about myself knowing that I faced these issues. It has made me feel like a completely different woman. I am so thankful to you for helping me not just physically but mentally.

Thank you Deena!

There are many choices in L.A. for physical therapy, but only one place satisfied my pelvic floor needs AND my hip and back pain and that was Goodman Physical Therapy.  I’ve been to many manual therapists for my back, but Sonja was the only one who actually manipulated my body to help me get back in to my sports routine Pain Free, and Laureen and Deena were the best pelvic floor specialists I’ve yet met, and I’ve met them all from the Valley to the City.  My PT in New York recommended Goodman PT, but she had no idea I’d be able to get help with all my orthopedic problems too!  I can’t thank these 3 specialists enough for helping me get my body back at a time when no one else could.  They also have great Pilates and Gyrotonic Instructors, and Yoga and Massage.  Go to Goodman PT, your body will love you.

I am so impressed by the care I received at your clinic.  I was in pain and you got me in quickly, and my physical therapist Laureen was wonderful and professional.  I have a garage door business and needed treatment on my shoulder so I could do my heavy lifting again and I got relief quickly and was done in just a few sessions and can now work comfortably again.  If anyone wants to know more about your clinic they can call me.

I’ve been feeling so much better. I’ve been in a casual relationship with someone new for a couple weeks and for the first time in my life, I’ve been able to both tolerate penetration and feel comfortable voicing my needs and boundaries. It really is amazing to me. I suffered for over 8 years and the fact that after having sex I was able to say to him “I used to have a condition” was unreal.”

“Thank you for all your patience and guidance. I feel so lucky to have worked with you. It really changed my life. It’s also a great feeling to know that if anyone else ever suffers this way I will know where to send them, when for so long I felt completely isolated.

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