Are You Stacking Your Joints Properly?

Sonja Reese is a Physical Therapist at Goodman Physical Therapy and talks frankly about posture:

We need to have our head and ears over our shoulders, and our shoulders over our hips.  The more the spine or a particular joint does not deviate from the axis it was created, the more movement we have.   For example:  bring your head way forward, exaggerate forward head posture and try turning your head.   Notice how little movement you actually have when you do this…  now bring your head as far back over your shoulders and try turning your head again…notice the increase in motion.

This applies to all joints of the body; and muscles that are stronger and more dominant will pull the joint out of the neutral axis.  Thus, correct posture of all joints and muscle balance is important for maintaining motion and flexibility, and preventing injury. 

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